6 inexpensive upgrades that add value to your home

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Think you can only add value to your home by knocking down walls and gutting bathrooms? Think again!

We’re loving these 6 easy and inexpensive ways to add tons of value to your home without slinging a sledgehammer.

Do you have a crazy colored accent wall? Or decided that you wanted to paint the same dark color in all of the bedrooms 5 years ago? Then it may be time to update your paint to a neutral color. This is a great option for a quick update or to help sell your home faster. There are so many colors to choose from now, but luckily there are some apps or helpful employees at the paint store. Sometimes stores will even have a special where you can get a free consultation if you purchase a certain amount of paint. 

Have you been planning on fixing or finally doing some landscaping since you moved in? Or you could just need a fresher look? Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a flower bed border - This can be the easiest and cheapest landscaping idea out there. Simply add a stone edge and mulch to pretty up plain flower beds in a snap.
  • Update your mulch or rock with new. This will give it a fresh new look immediately
  • Choose Perennials - buy lovely perennials such as alstroemeria, catmint, and coreopsis that return each year with colorful leaves and flowers. Even though the initial cost of perennials is slightly higher, they remain in your garden as a permanent fixture, not as a quickly fading annual flower or plant.

Upgrade your fixtures
No, you don’t have to get the latest and greatest expensive light fixtures for your home. Just going through each room to see if the light fixtures still work as well as do they have any broken pieces or parts missing? By starting with one room at a time, you won't break the bank by buying new lighting all at once. 

Change cabinet knobs and handles
This may seem like something small but expensive to update but it can give a whole new look to a space instantly. Just make sure that you stick with a style that goes with your house age and other decor.

Add a backsplash
Backsplashes are definitely in right now. The nice thing is that there are lots of inexpensive options to choose from and don’t cost too much to get installed. Once again, choose a neutral color that goes along with the rest of your kitchen to give it a complete look. 

Update your front door
This does not mean you need to go buy a crazy expensive real wood with glass front door. Colored front doors are in right now, but make sure you pick a color that goes with the rest of the exterior of your house. If you aren’t into the colored doors, just doing a simple but cheap updated door will give the front of your house a new look of its own. 


Selling or not selling, these are some great ideas to get your home updated over time. Now that you have some ideas, let us know what you ended up doing and can even share a picture on our Facebook page!