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When selling 100 homes a year, we rely on a lot of our trade partners to get deals done and problems solved. Here is one of our favorite vendors to work with!


Company: Westside Appliance Repair & Smart Home

Interviewee : Joe Chmelka, Owner


How long have you been in business?

I have been in the appliance repair business for about 25 years now. Westside Appliance Repair opened in 1999 and I came on-board here in 2001


Why did you choose this career?

I have been a fixer at heart as far back as I can remember. My grandfather was an appliance repair man and he was always giving me tools to take home when I was a young boy. I would go home and dissemble anything I could get my hands on to learn how it worked, I say worked in the past tense since they didn't always work when I was finished with them.


What do you love about it?

Problem solving is very satisfying to me and it makes me feel like a bit of a hero when I can save the day for a customer.


How do you add value to your clients?

Westside Appliance Repair offers the highest level of professionalism, the fastest available service, and the highest level of training available in the Des Moines service area.


What do your clients not know about your service/product that you wish they knew?

The value of Westside Appliance repair is in our ability to get the appliance fix properly, professionally, and quickly. Other lower priced companies look good when price searching the up front service call but the repairs are finished in a much longer time frame and the final price is generally even higher at the end of their unpleasant experience.


Any funny HORROR story about your career/service/product?

I was servicing a dryer and when I opened up the cabinet there was a flashlight inside that was still on. Apparently the customer was trying to fix it themselves and gave up not long before I got there.


Best HOME tip?

Never run a self-clean cycle on your oven right before you need to use it to cook for a big party. Self-clean is an awesome feature, and I love to use it myself, but the cleaning process puts the oven through its highest amount of stress making the likelihood of failure much higher. Always clean your oven at least a week before a gathering to give Westside Appliance Repair the chance to have it back up and running in time for your special cooking event.


Website where our clients can find you?


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